9 Signs Your Business Needs a New Website

  1. It’s an Unresponsive Design

Websites nowadays are moving into responsive designs. These are designs that can change based on the size of the screen that they are displaying on. Most people browse the Internet on their mobiles or tablets now, and if your website is unresponsive and not optimized for those devices then it needs updating.

  1. Visitors Leave Right Away

If you have a very high bounce rate (the rate at which visitors leave your site) then you should think about getting an updated design. If the visitor is on your site and feels like its not fresh and new and something special, then they will leave. If this is happening then the best thing to do is get a fresh new look to your site.

  1. You’re Still Using Flash

Flash is a thing of the past. It takes a long time to load, and it doesn’t display on most mobile devices. It’s okay to use flash in some parts of your site but its better not to. Instead you should move to a responsive design and get rid of all flash from your site for good. This will help visitors have a better experience of your site and be able to view it wherever they are.

  1. Your Rankings Are Poor

If you are way down in the search engine rankings then it is probably because of the design. Old and out-dated designs often have corrupt coding and missing data. When Google reads the code of the site and sees this bad framework and out-dated data, they penalize you in the ranks. When you get a new and updated site you will have a much better chance of ranking.

  1. Its HTML Based

Many sites still use HTML, and while its not a bad thing, it’s not really good either. You will have a better chance of ranking, converting and managing your site with a responsive CSS or WordPress type website. HTML is still used in parts of your site but if its completely using HTML then you will want to update it.

  1. It Takes Ages To Load

One of the main reasons your customers are leaving your site is because your pages take too long to load. Having slow loading pages is also hurting your search engine rankings. A slow loading page is only 2-3 seconds of load time, so you may not even know there is a problem. To get faster load times and see a rise in rankings, conversions and visitors time on your page, you should get a new and faster design.

  1. The Admin Side Is Complicated

It should be very easy and quick for you to update your website. Most older websites take hours to add a page and update it, and if you are using an FTP client or having to create the code or HTML for a specific page, then you are living in the dark ages. You need to be able to handle the admin side of your site in a fast and easy way, and the best way to do this is with a fresh updated and modern design.

  1. Colours And Design Look ‘off’

Many sites just don’t look right. The colours are too bright, or florescent or boring. Sometimes the website looks flat and the design feels fake. If you want a professional feel to your website so you stand out and really affect your visitors then you will want an updated design. When you’re site feels ‘off’, then your visitors will feel this too.

  1. Conversion Rates Are Low

The main point of a website is to convert your visitors into action takers. You may want them to sign up, to call or to purchase something. You may want them to donate or take action in a certain way, but your design is hurting this conversion process. If you are suffering from low conversions then it’s most likely the design that is the problem. With a new design your customers will feel ready to purchase and take action on the next step and you will see more conversions, sign-ups and sales.

Bryan Sayler

Bryan Sayler

Bryan is a founder and lead developer at Witty Work. He has over 10+ years experience building WordPress websites.

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